Everybody's Changing

My mom told me a few weeks ago that she never looks at my blog because she sees me every day anyway. So I can tell you now, that I'm working on my new banner instead of cleaning as she requested, or rather, demanded.

I also just used the new blogger layout customizer which I must say makes me like my blog a whole lot better aleady. It's an ever evolving project I guess.

Also, I cut my bangs yesterday (mom fixed them), and double date night with Lauren and T.J. was a blast, even though the boys have no excitement in this picture.
If you're located in Cincinnati, Ohio or Northern Ky or visiting check out Lauren and T.J.'s blog Legit Dining. I'm assuming she'll blog about Terry's Turf Club soon!

I really want to start going to more shows so if you know of any good Cincinnati, Northern KY bands to go see or any other shows coming up let me know!

I think we're going to see Minus the Bear at the Mad Hatter soon!
(This poster is old and from the Southgate House, but I love it!)