Louisville Pics #1

I promised trip photos tonight.
Here is what we did Friday, March 19th 2010:

Schimpff's Candy. Amazing go there!
Technically in Indiana
Then we drove around and thrifted in Indiana.

Then we walked around 4th Street Live! downtown.

And ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. Yum!

Then we went to Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World on a whim.
It was actually awesome! We putt putt golfed for free, did an shooting game with light up targets on an African safari scene (I shot a stuffed lion), then amused ourselves making fun of the home decor section.
This is us both looking rather stupid in large cabin chairs. Not even 10 feet away was a couch upholstered in the most awful hunting fabric ever.

That was our Friday. Maybe I'll get Saturday up tomorrow. We shall see
xoxo Mallory