Home Again!

This weekend was so much fun!  I can't even express how much of a blast I had.
I only took photos on the way there because the cameras Brian and Lauren brought were so much better.
Brian and I went to the top of the St. Louis arch before Lauren and Tj so we had a long time to wait while they were still up top, and we took a whole bunch of super cute photos.  Hopefully Brian uploads his photos soon so I can share them with you all!

I bought some Bacon jelly beans because my family particularly my sisters and I love Bacon, but they were the most disgusting things I have ever eaten.  It's a crying shame.

These are the only photos I took:

(Tj really isn't sleeping)
(Brian drove the whole way he's amazing)
(gas stop)

Oh, and I took these with my blackberry- thank you facebook and mms.


milkshakes at Crown Candy Kitchen
They have a 5 malt challenge, when each is really like 3 malts worth!

Pitstop on the way home in Louisville.
We love Lynn's!
(remember when Brian and I went this spring? post here)

We each chose a horse and then I made them kiss
I'm the yellow and Brian is the orange :)