Lets build a fort!

One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was building forts with blankets and sheets!
The other day Dash asked if we could build one at night, but we never got around to it.
I've thought about it ever since so here are some inspirational forts/tents!

I love watermelon :)

When I have children I'm going to give them the most awesome bedrooms ever!
My Aunt Helen had my cousin Carter's room painted and it's a campground- amazing.
If I remember I'll take pictures!

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I just thought this flickr find was gorgeous!

Mom and I worked on my furniture again, dang it's taking a while!
2 of the 3 pieces are painted and finished, and my bed side table just needs stain/polyurethane.
YAY!  I still need to clean my room, which I keep starting on then getting more clean clothes and then I have to start all over again. Ugh.  Why is my wardrobe GIGANTIC?