Simple Goals

So, Elsie Cake's blog, A beautiful mess, is one of my absolute favorites and she has challenged her readers to join her in making 4 simple goals!

Here are mine:

1. I have been working on redecorating my room for a year now.  I want to make it all new and beautiful!
This is my new nightstand right after I bought it.
I also have these curtains to make a duvet cover :)

2. Start doing yoga and/or pilates again.  Getting in shape sounds great, but I really hate running and going to a gym. yuck.  We have plenty of videos!

This is the only exercise I get haha.

3. Work on the growing amount of clothing I plan on changing in my Etsy/art studio to sell and keep!

4. I want to draw for fun!  Not just a teacher telling me that I have to design a collection for a grade.  I want to keep fashion design fun, and this will balance the forced and enjoyment, I guess!

These are from my drawing final this spring.

I'm working on a quilt I'm making for a pregnant friend tonight then Project Runway!  YAY!
night all!
lover you- Mallory