St. Louis Photos!

Friday we went straight to the arch!
view from arch

As I earlier mentioned we had a long time to wait for Lauren and Tj to come back down
ew. more kisses.
way up therethumbs up
cute couple
ew. kisses.
what's up with that
kind of the arch.
Cutest Boyfriend ever.
up- arch

Here they are!!
Love them.
muscular arms?
Brian :)
St. Louis- arch park
(put this one in wardrobe remix)
Arch Park
sunken statue
Lauren and I stepped in the Mississippi River.
We assumed it is as gross to locals as stepping in the Ohio River is in Nky and Cincinnati.
Nasty, but oh well!

Then we napped before Pappy's Smoke House which has been on Travel Channel's Man v. Food!
Tj says it's the best restaurant he's ever been too.  I mean they had deep fried corn on the cob!

As if that weren't enough food we went to Crown Candy Kitchen, where the Man v. food challenge was= 5 malts in a short amount of time.
Each malt is worth 3 btw.
deliciously impossible.
Brian at Crown Candy Kitchen
me- crown candy kitchen
crown candy
I loved the old Coke ads and tin ceiling.  They also had super cute pendant lights!
crown candy
crown candy

Saturday we searched for a donut shop that closed last month, mosied around downtown then headed to the Delmar Loop which is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!
We saw guys mixing music for break dancers and break dancers on rollerskates- RULIN!

I  bought a vintage dress and a skort at Avalon!
avalon- Delmar loop

Then we headed to the free Anheuser Busch Brewery tour, at the end those of age get 2 free beers each!
Anheuser Busch Brewery- St. Louis
Anheuser Busch Brewery- St. Louis
Anheuser Busch Brewery- St. Louis

After that we took another nap, then went to the CITY MUSEUM!
It's like a children's museum for all ages.
If you go to St. Louis this and the arch are must do's!!!!!
City museum
wire tunnel
wire tunnel and me
This is on the wing of that airplane.  It sways and scare the bejeasles out of you.
haha Lauren and TJ
in a tiny cage
You can't really see, but we're in a high high up cage at the top of a spiral staircase on the edge of a roof of the building.
wire cage way high up
Lauren, Tj, St. Louis
They also have a ferris wheel on the roof!
us, st. louis, ferris wheel
me, st. louis, ferris wheel
Oh, and a rope swing
rope swing

Must sleep now, work and babysitting Dash tomorrow!
He's such a sweetie :)

Sweet dreams kids,