My week in a short photo story

This week I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the year from Starbucks!
(I took this. Link back if you want to share your pumpkin spice love)

Brian and I thrifted for a little bit Friday.  We bought speakers and records for the record player he got me.  We got The Beatles' Introducing... The Beatles, The Rolling Stones' December's Children (and Everybody's), and Randy Newman's Good Old Boys.

(other than Beatles photos from

Tonight I babysat Dash! End of a Hulk popsicle's lifecycle.

I've gotten all this jewelry destash from my aunt's mother-in-law.
The dark purple bangle has a Sak's sticker in it!
She also passed on these sunglasses, which I LOVE!
I'm told more may be on the way!!!

I have a set of the butterflies below that I got at our neighborhood yard sale when I was about 13 along with a coordinating mirror.  I painted them hot pink, bright blue, and purple.
Then my mom brought me two giant ones that were scary flourescent lime and yellow, I thrifted some a while back, and I thrifted these last Friday with Brian.
Now I have a lovely collection that has all gotten a black facelift to match my decor.
If you love them as much as I do you can find them all over Etsy!

I also saw some at High Street which is my absolute favorite store in Cincinnati.
Read their blog.  It's amazing and has trend forecasting.  Super inspiring.
Their store has a few original Shepard Fairey murals if you dig him.
Plus the #2 girl to the owner graduated from my program at UC!

All in all I've had a great week :) Tomorrow is the WEBN fireworks and we're tailgating with the Bengals Bus!
Now I must work on my pattern for my Renegade dress.  I hope I finish it on time.

Hope you enjoyed my night's randomness!