Where did fall go?

Here in greater Cincinnati it was in the upper 70s Saturday.  Today it was about 55 degrees all day.
I like fall, but I don't like this sudden jump to early winter.
I would have been perfectly happy wearing a coat on campus.
I wore a really cute outfit today including a vintage dress with a strawberry print and rick rack trim.
I was just so cold and bummed when I got home that i took off my oxfords and curled up on the couch for a nap.  Shame on me for not photographing it.

Here are some highlights from last fall:

making s'mores with my cousins!

Chicago with Brian, Lauren, and TJ!

nephew at the pumpkin farm!


Lovely costumes for all! Lauren and Tj were Jack and Jill (I made her jumper and bow), and I did Brian's zombie makeup.

I'm hoping it gets back to the mid 60s here soon for pumpkin hunting, more productive crafting (like yesterday!), making more s'mores, and getting in a few final bike rides.
I'm still not sure what Brian and I are going to dress up as this year.