A Peek through my eyes.

Last week my textiles class took a field trip to Sardinia, Ohio to Ohio Valley Natural Fibers.
They custom process wool and other natural fibers for knitters and industrial purposes.  They also have a small retail store there.

These are from our "behind the scenes" tour:

This little guy was on the front desk and his tag says "pet me I relieve stress."
I was tempted to buy him.  I'm a stressed person.

These are all from around school and home the past 2 weeks: 

 Halloween decor

My mom made these years and years ago!  They're made from sheets torn into 4ths then tied around a metal stake with a styrofoam ball on top.  The sheets have been replaced a few times.  There's a floodlight on them at night.  We have 2 neighbor girls that get their photo with them every halloween even though they're now high schoolers :)

Brian and I went to Soho Saturday.  We haven't been since this Valentine's day.

yummmm.  However next time I'll skip the tempura and double up on sushi.

Naptime then draping class. Getting up at 6:20 kills me.
xoxo Mallory