I've been doing really good at posting my outfit pictures, but I've gotten a bit far away from inspiration and stuff I find on Etsy, so I'm going to make an effort to balance myself back out.  For now here are some pictures Brian & I took yesterday during a shoot for Life in a Suitcase.
Brian plans on listing them soon!  I'll let you know the official opening and maybe I'll host a giveaway...?


Here's what I'm wearing:
Scarf- came attached to pants from American Eagle in middle school
dress- thrifted with tags, Kmart, xl girls haha
 belt- vintage, Christmas gift from my mom
shoes- Wally World last year $3

Brian's outfit:
Schwinn bicycle t-shirt- Target
black jeans- Pac Sun
black sneakers- Target

Later I'll share what I wore today and some pictures from my life right now.  Maybe even some random inspiration?
 Mass homework for now. xoxo Mallory