Wardrobe- Love the Unloved

Hi friends!  So, I have a lot going on this week.  My first Marketing exam is tomorrow and I'm not sure what to expect EEK!  Anyway.  This is what I wore Monday.
Today I wore my Mickey Mouse baseball tee; partially blogged here.

blazer- vintage thrifted
lace skirt- Urban Outfitters clearance $19.99
socks- H&M 3 pack
Chuck Taylors- a few years old, but a classic no matter what

This shot is an accident, but you can read my shirt really well if you enlarge it.

God Crushes Satan Clothing is a tee company Brian, my boyfriend ran with a friend then by himself for a few years and donated profit to a charity.  Earlier this year he decided not to continue with it.  Therefore, he has extra shirts and I now have one of every style except a green original style.  One black one says "Boo Yah!" on the back, but this one is my favorite because I think the message transcends Christianity or even all religion.  My mom has one too and wears it once a week at least.  Everyone can appreciate the sentiment on the front of it.

Love the Unloved

It's a great life philosophy for everyone.
Okay, enough of my ramblings, I must sleep, or bomb my test tomorrow.
Love Mallory