School Crunch!

The end of quarter crunch is upon me, and I am starting to feel the pressure bearing down on me.  I feel like I blog to remind myself how fun fashion and making things can be.  Plus, getting feedback on my work is really great!  So I am sad to say that over the course of the next 2-3 weeks I may not be able to post every day and that makes me super sad!

Tonight I am working on my experimental design project all night!  I've been putting off working on my muslin mock ups since Friday.  As far as other projects go last night I was up until 2 a.m. working on sketches for my Design class which is basically a drawing and design process class.  I'm a tad sleepy.

Enough boring school stuff here are some pictures from last Friday!

 Brian says it's awkward when I take a picture of just him, and he makes goofy faces like these.  I don't know how he's not used to it by now, but i think the goofy faces are cute so I continue taking them :)
 We had dinner at 5 Guys for the first time! I love Heinz new ketchup packets

 a huge amount of fries!
 My super melty cheeseburger with bacon!  Sorry if you're a vegetarian.  Bacon is among my top favorite foods (along with fresh salsa and Nutella), and I think steak and cheese burgers are Brian's 2 favorites.

 this is Joe Dunlap.  I think he should record so I can share how rulin he is.
 This is Ryan Fletcher of Standing Small. He's awesome, too.

 After that we played Scrabble in the coffee shop!

With letter combinations like these it's really no wonder he won, not me.  Must work now.
All my lovin, Mallory

P.S. I now have 3 Beatles records thanks to Brian and have listened to them lots!