Thifting jackpot wishes

If I ever found one of these at a thrift store I would die with excitement:

It's a Fisher Price 1970s record player.  It only plays it's own nursery rhyme records and there's a little slot in the back to hold them all as well as a handle to carry it around!  I had one when I was younger, and I assume my mom sold it in a yard sale at some point.  Lately though I've noticed that JCPenney and a few other stores are selling reproductions of it.

Still not the same to me.  Maybe I should comb the deep crevices of the storage room to see if it's still there.  I would seriously scream with happiness.  Someone here in Cinci is selling one on Craigslist if anyone (hahemmm sisters and Brian) want to buy it for me for Christmas!

Big day tomorrow, wish me luck!