Window into my world.

For the past 2 days this is all I've done.

I've taken breaks only to eat and go to the bathroom.  Yesterday I had lunch at Larosa's with my best friends Lauren and Liz, then dinner with Brian, Steph, and Zach at Cheescake Factory.  All day today though I've been here at the dinner table (because my craft room table is covered in junk) painting.

(forgive my phone photos. Far too busy to properly photograph!)

This is my last week for this quarter so I might be MIA on the internet.  I have one more page of 5 outfits to watercolor paint.  I have to finish my Experimental Designs (sewing).  I also have to make and give an eco textiles presentation, and I have to take my marketing final exam.

I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Wish me luck.

xoxo, Mallory