So, today I can breathe again.  My quarter is basically over.

I turned in my watercolor project yesterday morning, took a marketing exam yesterday afternoon, I had an experimental design critique this morning, and an eco design presentation today.  I also have to turn in a digital paper tomorrow, but it's done, and I have to drape a dress on my dress form sometime this weekend.  then I will be entirely free.  I left the critique today really upset because I had someone really hate my project.  However, my teacher kinda shook his head after the someone spoke and said I had incredible craftsmanship, and I really played with, so at least he's the one giving me a grade.

Tonight I made cupcakes with my mom for a pot luck I am going to with my classmates tomorrow.  It was a nice ending to a cruddy school week, plus I get to hang with my classmates tomorrow without having to get work done in the process.

Now I have fun stuff to do. A special sewing project, a special design project, CHRISTMAS stuff and eventually packing to move for my internship/co-op that I'm not sure if I'm allowed to announce yet!