Christmas photos- with 1 wardrobe in the mix

Eve of the eve
This day I picked up my computer with a brand new top half from the apple store.  Since my photobooth now works Madison and I had some fun.

She's so pretty :)

Christmas Eve!
Brittany and I

Brian said I looked like I should be on Mad Men.  I'm sure my cocktail didn't help  (Mom made clementine cosmos! yum)!

About my outfit:
pearl necklace- antique that my Aunt Sue gifted me for my hs graduation
mod/contemporary dress- TJ Maxx- b-day gift from Mom
tights- Betsey Johnson TJ Maxx
shoes- Thrifted target oxford pumps

 Mom also made ice cream sundaes to look like snowmen and apple cranberry hand pies
 here is Carter enjoying his.
 All of the gifts Brian, Brittany, and I gave out.  The living room was COVERED on Christmas morning!

 Mom crocheted us all hats.  Here is Brian's
 Brittany got a journal from Brian (anthropologie) among other things
 Dad being VERY excited over the Ford shirt Brian got him

Christmas Morning!

First thing I won the pickle ornament gift, then Dash showed off the horn and Bumblebee Santa brought him.
 Mom Santa gives very pretty presents!
 Sarah very excited over Florence and the Machine
 Dad got Mom a Nintendo DS, so she had to wait to open this case from Brian until the morning
 A Hudepohl Gold light I bought my dad in Lebanon this summer (I plan ahead)
Dash annoyed that I stuck a nametag on his forehead 
Ben post-pumped that I made him a terrarium with handmade clay mushrooms and a gnome.  Best handmade gift from this year if I'm allowed to say that myself
The aftermath....

I got a The Shins record from Brian (among other things like Mad Men season 1 and the Game of Things) and a Bon Iver record from his brother Brad.  So, today I'm giving them a listen while cleaning!

Byes for now!