Fashion from the streets

Today is a high of 22 degrees fahrenheit in the greater Cincinnati area.  That means I am freezing my butt off.  Even as a fashion student I am having a hard time getting over the cold weather and braving the elements in a cute outfit, so I'm looking online for some help staying cozy and cute!  Street fashion seems much more inspiring to me in this context than editorial, because it's something I can actually wear!  I'm officially going to start dressing warm AND cute.  It's now blog official :)

I also may need to go thrifting...  I need to break out my vintage fur collars too...

 I like the idea of wearing tights with long socks on top with a look like this one ^
loving the diy on this sweater.  I want all of my wardrobe pieces to have some personality.  To improve some sweaters I have and don't wear I could totally embroider them a bit!  This is an idea that I should have realized a while ago. I'm a genius like that though :)

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