Ugly Sweater Party.

First I wanted to share this photo of my nephew, because he's so cute, although this is totally the beginning of his annoyed face. Photo from Sarah's mom.

Next... Photos from the Thanksgivingdinner/uglysweater/yankeeswap party.  All of those //s= an awesome time! I'm fairly certain that 80% of the $5 gifts were thrifted or from the dollar store.
 Brian's teacher sweater.
 Joe H and Clay

 Troy sweater 1
 Troy (sweater 2) and his wife, Denise.  This is from our awkward family portrait session.  Denise couldn't fake smile for more than 1 second :)
 Steph and Abigail (troy and denise's baby)!
Brian, me, Zach, Steph 
 Yankee Swapping...
 Brian got straw glasses
steph got a pirate flask and an air horn
 Playing with a dragon incense burner that appears to be blowing smoke.
 Joe got play doh and made Uncle Sam
 Steph made a Mac symbol
 I made ice cream! Brian made a turd making but I selectively did not photograph that. 
 Group- awkward family portrait. I bet you all LOVE my 80s skiing sweater!  I wish I had a photo of how awfully it clashed with my floral print tights.