Beauty Essentials: daily routine

Since I have replaced all of my eye make-up today I decided to finally post on all of my personal beauty essentials.  It's a bit too many products to share in 1 day so i've split it up into a few days

For today, here are the things I wear on a daily basis:

This seems like a lot so let me explain.  I'm a cheapo so I only buy drugstore makeup, some Etsy products, and Lush (handmade cosmetic company sold at a counter in Macy's and online).  In the shower I use Buche de Noel facial cleanser by Lush and follow up with a tea tree bar soap on my face and body. This is the best facial cleanser I've ever tried, plus it smells like Christmas.
My skin is really tricky.  It's sensitive and dries/flakes easily with alcohol and acid products, but it gets oily throughout the day due to my bangs.  I get deep blemishes in my T-zone especially when I'm stressed.  I've tried lots of brands and product lines but they either over dried my skin or it left it too moisturized and I still got blemishes.  With Buche de Noel (or their non seasonal Angels on Bare Skin) my skin isn't too dry or greasy.

After showering I apply Green Tea moisturizer from an Etsy Shop.  If my skin is broken out I mix Lush Colour Supplement with my moisturizer to even out my skin tone.  If my skin isn't too broken out I apply Skin Clearing concealer to blemishes.  If nothing else in the morning I always use Age Rewind concealer on my dark circles (lovely family trait).  I finish off with Mineral Power powder and Great Lash BIG mascara.  I have a friend who works for a high end cosmetics company and she still swears by Great Lash.

If I'm feeling flirty I add a cat eye or plain liner to my upper lid and right below my lower lash line.  Today I bought blush for the first time in ages and I plan on testing it out tomorrow.  I also carry an extra mascara in my purse in case I'm running behind schedule, which I usually am.

This was a bit lengthier than I expected, congrats and thanks if you made it through!  I'll share my going out products tomorrow :)