Beauty Essentials: finishing touches!

Here are my final steps in my beauty routine!

I sleep or stay in bed every morning till the last minute, so sometimes I throw my hair into a ponytail, but I almost always tease it!  The best tools I've found for teasing are this teasing comb (Amped Up by Cricket) and Aussie hairspray with at least 3 of the 4 dots for hold strength.  No matter if I wear my hair up or down I tease around the crown of my head by hairspraying, teasing, then lifting the next section.  After that I always brush out the top layer so it doesn't look like a rats nest.

For day after showering hair I spray in some Psssssst and it soaks up some grease and makes my hair a bit springier again.  Sometimes after showering I use this shag spray, but I'm not sure if it has much effect.

My very favorite lotions are Lush Dream Cream and Lac-Hydrin 5.  DC smells like olive oil and LH5 has a weird scent too, but I don't even care because they actually improve my skins texture long term when I use them.  I have those red bumps on the back of my biceps (keratosis pilaris), and when I use either of these it really improves them!

I hope this was informative or helpful in some way!
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xoxo, Mallory