A Great Year- in photos and a list

My best friend is Lauren.  She's amazing beyond belief and puts up with the fact that I am wayyyy too busy.  Today she posted on her Tumblr why 2011 was great, so I figured I would too!

Here are my reasons:
  1. I finished last school year and this quarter on the Deans List
  2. I went to Louisville with Brian, and discovered the best junk shop ever
  3. We discovered Kite Fest
  4. I had my first co-op at Sewing Services, and I loved almost every minute
  5. I spent lots of time with my family, Brian, and my friends!
  6. Brian became Dinosaur Bird to Dash
  8. I went to Chicago Renegade with Brian this fall
  9. I went to St. Louis with my best friends Lauren, TJ, and Brian.  We hope to do another trip this year!
  10. I opened Life in a Suitcase with Brian
  11. My upcoming co-op/internship is going to be RULIN!
  12. There are a lot more reasons, but those are the standouts

Just makes me smile.  Sorry for the neverending photo stream :)

I hope yours was equally amazing and here's a toast to the new year!!!
To Life! xo Mallory