First, and most importantly, what did I wear?

dress- bought in San Diego for a high school dance
heels- gifted from Aunt Helen- TJ Maxx
pin- story here & here
huge earrings- Florence Antique Mall
necklace- high school grad gift- parents

 Secondly, my Brian wore a bowtie, and I thought he looked ridiculously cute!  We decided to have a date night eve because it was the last real date night we'll get before I leave.  We took these after we went to dinner at SoHo Japanese Bistro.  I got sushi and he got steak and shrimp kebobs.  Yummy!

Brian made these Italian floaty things: raspberries, blueberries, Prosecco, and sorbet.  They were pretty tasty.

I hope your nye was equally delicious.