Coffee Breaks 4eva!

The other night I was skyping Brian and said I was going to paint my nails.  He said I should put "Brian 4 eva" on them.  Guess what... I did.  I thought it was funny, and it made him think I'm awesome, win-win.
enlarge to see the letters

I have a very specific morning schedule: wake up, text brian, check my email, get ready, drop my stuff off at work, get coffee, have a chat with the RV crew and let the caffeine set in, then I get to work.  Today however, I was the first one to the store and thought I should take advantage and pretend I was 5 again.

I've been sewing non-stop at work for about 10 days now (besides coffee, cupcake, and lunch breaks).  Luckily Doren has come in a few times to cut some of the pieces out for me.  Elsie has also sewn on a LOT of buttons.  They're troopers.

The dresses go up for sale at 6pm Tuesday, March 1st!  If you have your heart set on any of the dresses you should probably have the website up and ready then.
Love, Mallory