Dress Line Video Shoot!

Tonight was a big, Big, BIG night for myself and the other Red Velvet kiddies.  Tonight I finished up all of my samples, got dolled up (by this I mean just myself and watched Elsie doll everyone else up), and then we styled and shot our lookbook video!  All of this happened with the help of many including all the Red Velvet usuals, Chris, the models, and Brandon the videographer.

Elsie just posted some photos here
And here are some more peeks from Rachel!
Look Morgan and I match... accident? :)

I also got to wear fake eyelashes, and I feel like I should wear them every day.  They're really glam.
Love Mallory.

p.s. I'm really proud that my cruddy camera took this last and first photo (along with a few more that give too much away for now)!