Lust List- 1

lust list imageeeeee

I don't have the best track record with contninuing blog features, once again I think I have a winner.  For real this time!  Every Monday or Tuesday (maybe even Sunday, I'm trying to keep my schedule flexible) each week I'm going to share my list of things I've been lusting after and adding to my Etsy faves and various other shopping carts.   Basically I'm starting my Christmas list early this year.

I adore this sweatshirt from Urban.  We all know how much I love hearts!

Gahhh these BHLDN shoes are the most Mallory shoes I've seen in my entire life!  Though they'd be a bit more in trend if they were a wedge, but you can't win on every fashion front

This Mini Album pdf from Corey Marie is so super cute.  Late Valentine's gift?

I think this watercolor print is beautiful.  Plus it reminds me of Brian's tattoo, "Love is Real."

I am deeply in love with this vintage dress from Flirt Vintage.  I'm such a sucker for gingham.
I love retro phones, but I'm always afraid they won't work.  This phone from Mod Cloth is a perfect compromise.

Handmade shoes from Golden Ponies on Etsy.  They're cute, handmade, AND afforbale.  Can this be true?

I feel like this is the beginning of a good thing.  Love Mallory