Lust List 2

lust list imageeeeee

A year ago I didn't like mocassins.  I'm still pretty picky, but all of the Darlingtonias are lovely.  I want the teal fringed ones. Bad.

I have a thing for birds.  Therefore I need this bird necklace :)

This bag is SO beautiful!  It's upcycled from a suede jacket (that I'm assuming was ugly early 2000s)!

I don't have any little 2t girl relations, but if I did I'd surely buy them this vintage dress.

I'm sure these Steven by Steve Madden shoes would love to join the party in my closet.

I just think this antique opal ring is so pretty!

I have been in search of the perfect pair of 70s wide leg jeans (like Farrah's) since the spring 2011 fashion week this fall.  Tonight Elsie and I decided to go on a Red Velvet stock treasure hunt soon in search of some.  I am super excited!

I am also super excited because one of the Red Velvet dress pictures was released today!  So if you haven't yet pop on over to A Beautiful Mess and check out the Golden Afternoon dress!
Love, Mallory