BlackBerry Photos

These may not be in focus, but I haven't gotten to upgrade to the Verizon iphone yet.
Lauren brought me chocolate from our favorite local sweet shop!  While hitting the flea markets and vintage shops with she and TJ she presented me with this Fisher Price record player because she read this post I made a few months ago and I did squeal with excitement. Aw, Best Friends!

Photo of my hair I sent to mi madre y mi novio (btw I had to look up boyfriend. Thanks high school).

Special tag I machine embroidered to put in the Pen Pal dress I made today for Elsie's rehearsal dinner.  I guess I was feeling sentimental, and it was odd putting a Red Velvet tag in her dress!  I hope she doesn't see this before I give her the dress tomorrow.

I hope you don't mind my randomness!  Tomorrow morning I'm picking Brian up from the Greyhound Station at 5am!  Then I'm having a phone interview and photoshoot with Elsie for something special!
Love Mallory