Good Day

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The Lemon Pie Dress

Piano Lesson Dress

3 ways to wear the gold velvet dress...

(all photos by Elsie)

I am sooooo blown away by the response our dress line had!  We sold out of 2 styles within the first 15 minutes after the dresses were listed on the website!  I don't think I have said the word "excited" a million times this evening, especially after 6pm cst.  Emma, Elsie, Jeremy, and I couldn't stop grinning pretty much the whole night.  I feel so blessed that I sent Emma an email back in the fall and things have worked out as well as they have.  I am very excited about my future with Red Velvet!

In my mind our fall line will be epic :)
Love, Mallory

P.S. A few super amazing dresses are still IN STOCK, so check it out!  As a reminder we won't be making any more of any of these dresses after this.  I am only one person and could not sew a million dresses in 3 weeks time.  I only have 2 more weeks in Springfield, and they are fully booked!  Also a few dresses (including the jumpers) have been saved for the local store to be put out later this week.