New Blog design!

One of the last days before I left Springfield I asked Elsie to take a photo for me for my new blog banner!  So I decided on this idea and Elsie took and photoshopped/color corrected my photo to this point for me.  I think it says a lot about my aesthetic, my personality, and my passions!

The font on my banner is one I made in Illustrator along with the buttons in my left sidebar that connect to posts of my most popular topics!

I really didn't want to put another photo of myself as my profile picture because I'm already in the banner, so I decided to make a self portrait in Illustrator.  We had to do this as a school project during my foundation year so I thought having an updated one for my portfolio would also be nice.

I hope you love it as much as I do!  Also a special thanks to my mom and Brian for giving me such great feedback on my decisions
♥ Mallory