Upcoming Trends

In my Design class we've been doing lots of trend research lately.  Trends often seem like some abstract idea that designers choose because they feel like it.  Usually though, trends are found through processing social, political, technological, and natural events logically.  If you see what is happening in the world you can think about how people will perceive it and how it will begin to change what we want to wear.  For example after 9-11 the runways started to fill with blacks and basics because Americans were in mourning.

Our current assignment is designing collections based on trends that recirculate and morph through time.  The one I chose is reflection, so the shoe I chose as inspiration is gold glitter (illustrated above).  Here are some other trends that our class has found that are just arising or are on the horizon:

The Trends!

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Pattern Play- Recently we've had very classic patterns on the market such as microflorals, stripes and plaids.  Now though statement patterns are starting to take the forefront in textiles.  Remember how ikat and navajo patterns started appearing at Anthropologie and Urban this past fall?  Well even newer and more unusual ones will be appearing soon!

New Neutrals- Black has been over crowding the runways the past few years thanks mostly to the economic downturn.  Don't get me wrong black will always be relevant, but it won't be the main color for a majority of collections anymore.  Expect to see more camels, creams, grays, and navys appearing.  Another major connected trend is the use of skintones or ballet tones, especially together!

Monochromatic- A lot of looks lately have seemed to be monocromatic.  This is another result of the all black trend easing out.  Though all white seems to be popular right now it probably won't last for too much longer.

Mis-matched Colors- This is also a huge color trend.  The fall 2011 collections that aren't monochromatic used surprising color combinations.  I really love this trend because I think it's a really quirky idea, and that is so me.

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Natural Waistlines-  Pant and skirt waists have been rising since they reached extremely low proportions in the early 2000s.  Now they are finally back to the natural waist or right below like they were in the 80s.

Long Skirts- Hems have a tendency to grow longer as economies and social attitudes increase in positivity.  As America and the world's outlook starts to increase in positivity so do the yardages used.  For example after the war Dior came out with the longer hemmed fuller skirts of the New Look.  They were shocking, but eventually became the norm.

boxy tops- Tops got to their tiniest in the late 90s and early 2000s.  They have increased in length since then and some are now starting to increase in volume.

sheers- There is always some form of sheer on the runways.  Right now though it's appearing as entire dresses, often embellished.  Recently there have also been cutouts and panels of sheer fabrics too, allowing peekaboo's, (sometimes of pretty under layers) but no actual nudity, for a more wearable look.

In my upcoming Wardrobe posts I'll share how I like to wear the trends and a few suggestions on how you can achieve them!  I'm REALLY excited about this!
Love Mallory