Wardrobe- Gingham and a project.

All week I've been working on this corset for my draping class.  I used the sheer stripe vintage fabric flatted to a natural color canvas.  It was intense to make, but I'm so excited by the final garment!  I'm not sure how psyched my parents were when I was hammering grommets at 2 am.  What can you do :)

I took these photobooth photos while working on it, just to document these awesome shorts.  I bought them, an awesome 70s dress, and a Paul Simon record during Brian and I's stop in STL last weekend!

shirt- borrowed from Mom
necklace- Gabriel Brothers forever ago
belt- thrifted Land's End
shorts- vintage from Avalon Exchange
tights- Target

Today I'm working all day on my swimsuits!  I'm pretty excited, I love getting to dedicate a whole day to a project.  I also only have 2 more weeks of classes then in another 2 weeks I leave for Springfield!  So insane!

xoxo, Mallory