Wardrobe- Trend Edition: High Waistline!

outfit-trends high waist

outfit-trends high waist

outfit-trends high waist

Photos taken by my friend JoJo 

Sweater- Dear Creatures (for cheap via Swirl)
jeans- thrifted mom-pris (yes I invented a new word)
heart socks- H&M
booties- Amazon

This is my second outfit based on a post I recently wrote regarding current and upcoming trends (trend post, 1st outfit).  This outfit follows the movement of the waistline back to the natural position.  This can be really easy to do with a skirt or dress with a belt like my outfit from yesterday or one of these.  High waists can be semi-hard with pants, though.  Jeans are already hard to find a perfect pair with just your body from the hips down.  So, when you add a higher waist it's another measurement for the jeans to possibly not fit.  We'll use me as an example so you can think about the factors of fit.  I have 39" hips, a 27" waist, and my waist is  REALLY long.  Compared to "standard size 8" my bust is right, my waist is an inch too small, and my hips are 2 inches too big.  Enter complications. The super skinny high waist jeans look terrible because they emphasize my proportionally short/muscular legs, and usually they don't reach all the way to my waist or are too big for my waist when they fit my legs.  These slightly relaxed ones look just fine, as well as sailor cut jeans. There is more of an optical illusion because they skim over my hips and thighs instead of being skin tight and puckering.  With pants it's best on ALL bodies to size up not down.  If the number bothers you, cut out the tag!!!!  A bigger number is better than a muffin top and stress puckering.

As far as pairing high waists with tops you can pretty much wear anything.  If you're wearing a tight skirt and the tucked in top is too bulky tuck it into your undies or tights!  This may look awkward without the skirt, but who cares?  Untuck before you undress.

If you ever feel like you look too girly and your outfit could use some toughening up, add hardware.  For me that means these booties, instead of ballet flats, or a heavy chain necklace.  leather and metal details always toughen up a look.  Don't get me wrong; looking polished and pretty is fantastic.  I just don't want to look like a 12 year old could pull off my outfits.  This also helps if you are wearing cutesy things like heart shaped bobbie pins, printed socks, or bows like I LOVE to wear.

Here is how you can get the same look:

Is this information helpful?  What other kind of hints and tips do you want?

Love, Mallory