Today I made some dresses.

For the fall Red Velvet dress line we have more interns than just 1, me.  This season, the team consists of Jamie, Renee, Chrissy, and I (hope I spelled them all properly)!

This morning Chrissy and I worked on the fit, ruffles, and sleeves for this first dress.  It's still unfinished, but it's really a great start!

(this photo from Elsie, posted on Instagram)

After that I made this floral dress!  I'm dying and falling madly in love at the same time!  We found this fabric the week before I left in March.  Emma, Elsie, and I all knew we HAD to use it!  It's one of 3 different dresses made of knit fabrics that I'm producing.  My other garment is one we're considering silk for!

I can't wait to share more as we progress!
xo Mallory