DIY: Lace hem shorts tutorial

Okay seamstresses, time to add some lace to any pair of shorts!  I've been wanting to make some shorts I could wear like a slip for a long time now.  Much cuter than wearing jersey shorts under skirts!  I made mine from scratch, but I'll teach you how I added the eyelet lace trim to the hem.  You can do this to any pair of shorts.  It's really easy!

For my supplies I got flower buttons, skin color quilting cotton, and 2 yards of the prettiest eyelet trim I could find.  I spent $15 and 2 hours to make mine.  I also saw eyelet and lace trims for $1.99, so it could be a $4 project if you already have shorts!

1. trim the excess cotton on the trim.  Even the nicest eyelet needs this.

2. measure around the leg opening of the shorts you have.  Add 1/2" to this measurement and cut your lace to that size.  Join the two ends of your trim with a 1/4" seam to make a circle.

3-4. I wanted my lace to be the whole hem of my shorts.  So, I matched the edge with the crotch seam and I stitched the center 1/4" from the hem.  If you're using shorts you already have you may want to shorten them or just have the lace farther down on the leg.  You may want to pin before sewing this step.

5. Topstitch all the way around another time at the top if your trim is really wide like mine.  Then trim your threads and think of all the ways you can wear these!

Here are the 3 ways I've already tried mine:

If you make something similar drop me a line here or in email!
Thanks for making things with me! Mallory