DIY: 3 Velvet Bow Accessories

Here is what you need to make any of the 3 projects I've shown!  Hand needles, velvet ribbon, pin backs, thread, and corded elastic.  I also used a cheap hat from a mall store.  Use the pictures as a guide for how you can take these ideas and personalize them into your own designs!

 This first one is a simple bow tie that I plan to wear as a brooch or "clip-on" bow tie.

For this second, I just doubled the body of the first bow to make 2 layers.  I bought this hat at a mall store because it was on sale and the ugly bow was just glued on.  I pulled it off and using another pin back pinned the bow onto the hat.

Using a long strip that almost touched in the back of my head I sewed one of the simple bows on.  Then I hand-stitched the ends down making two tunnels through.  Loop corded elastic through both tunnels and tie a few knots.  Feed the knot into one of the tunnels and tack it in place with a few more stitches.

There you go.  Three simple and cheap accessories in under an hour!  You can make something cute or menswear inspired; it's up to you!  If you make any of these leave me a link in the comments.

Love, Mallory