Red Velvet: Light at the End of the Tunnel!

We are quickly approaching September 1st, affectionately termed Launch Day by the RV team.  I've tagged and hung up over half of my dresses last and this week!  I am personally sewing the floral stretch dresses, crop top, orange velvet, blue velvet, and blue silk dresses.  Halfway there!

 Everyone is starting to feel comfortable and getting ready to make their finishing touches as well!  I'm really proud of all the work everyone has put in to developing their garments.  We have an explosion of patterns, collars, scraps, and thread spools in the studio.  It's a whirlwind of work and creativity.

I'm so excited for you all to see each dress as it is unveiled on Elsie's blog (if we find the time I may even be in a 3 Ways to Wear It).  We have been planning out the designs for this fall since the day after the spring launch, and I feel like it's incredibly cohesive and really represents the Red Velvet brand to a T.

Who is planning on refreshing their browser a million times in anticipation for the launch?  I know our team will be refreshing millions of times to see the stock fly into shopping carts :)
Love, Mallory