Wardrobe Pictures- Comfy and dotty

Today I had some errands to run and I wanted to do a little thrifting before working for a few hours.  So, what to wear on a day where I'd be out and about doing lots of things?  I wanted something comfy, but I didn't want to look like I just rolled out of bed and threw on whatever was on top of my clean clothes pile.  I chose this bold oversized tee and picked up a few accessories on the way out the door.

 What is from where?
Fakie glasses- Amazon
necklace, bracelet- thrifted
tee- H&M
shorts- TJ Maxx, high school
belt- vintage, Etsy
sneakers- PacSun

 I hope your Sunday was as equally comfy, but still containing some personality :)

xoxo, Mallory