Love Letter from Krust

In case you haven't looked yet, Krust has a new banner, and I made it!  I watercolor painted some of her bags for her.  It was so much fun to get out my watercolors here in Springfield.  She just came out with some new designs a few days ago (shop here).  We wanted to include them in the banner, so I felt pretty privileged to see her sketches before she made the actual bags!

In exchange she sent me a custom clutch bag.  I requested one of her envelope bags with a heart like a little love letter, but she went above and BEYOND!  She stitched the little lines that an envelope would have.  The lining is even striped like notebook paper, such a thoughtful touch!

Krust is so incredibly sweet!  Go check out her style, her bags, and her new banner!  I'm really impressed with how high quality my bag is.  It's amazing who you can meet through the blogosphere!

xoxo, Mallory