Happy Birthday To A Sweet Lady

Hi there friends. It's Brian, and I recently told Mallory I wanted to takeover her blog on her birthday. So Happy Birthday, Mallory/girlfriend/best friend/total babe!

Before reading this post, please press play on the video, and read while it plays. This was the first song I ever told Mallory to listen to.

This is the 4th birthday of hers that I have gotten to be a part of. Each year together has become more special. I think what is most amazing about our relationship is that we started out dating, and not long after actually starting a relationship, we also became really good friends, which I think is genuinely important to both of us. It's very nice knowing that I can completely be myself around her, because that's exactly what she wants me to be. Sometimes I make terrible jokes, and she gives me a look that says "That wasn't funny, but I still love you anyway". I enjoy that look, and see it often. I also know that before her, there was a side of me that I didn't know was there. I'm so inspired by her creativity, that it makes me want to step out of my boundary lines, and try my hand at creative things.

Now let's take a quick second to tell the story of how we met...

Here's how we first met: I was supposed to go on a blind date with a mutual friends cousin, and the day of the supposed date, the cousin backed out. So instead of this date that was supposed to happen, Lauren (mutual friend) her boyfriend, TJ (also, mutual friend), and I all decided to go buy fireworks and blow stuff up since it was close to July 4th. While blowing these fireworks up, some of Laurens friends came over, and Mallory, being one of them, was caught on my "Babe Radar". Lauren had previously told Mallory before she came over that she was not allowed to flirt with me or anything like that. I guess Lauren was looking out for me. Neither Mallory nor I took Laurens advice, and we went on a date a little less than a week later. We saw one of our all time favorite movies, Wall-E.

A month later, we kissed for the first, and that same night, she officially became my girlfriend. To this day, we both still thank Laurens cousin for backing out of that blind date. I really feel as if I should send her a thank you card or give her a high five if I ever see her.

Anyways, it's been a little over 3 years since we've been together now, and I honestly couldn't imagine that time being spent without her. She is one of the most amazing, hard working people I have ever met. I have every intention of spending the rest of my life growing old with her. I love her more than I could ever imagine.