Brittany's Wedding

 Yesterday my big sister Brittany got married to her prince charming, John.  I forgot to take the nice camera, so here are some of my personal favorite photos gathered from my phone, John, and my Aunt Helen.  The ceremony was at Cincinnati Music Hall and the reception was at The Redmoor, an old theater.

The rehearsal was so much fun.  My nephew and cousin carried a banner and decided that during the practice run it should be held in their sweaters... not their hands.  So cute!

We had some time to hang out between the salon and "go time," which was very nice and relaxing.  We had to keep the kiddies calm with iPhones and iPods.  Then the vows were said, the couple was pronounced, and the partying commenced.

I'll share better photos when the professionals arrive.  Thanks for bearing with my bad photos to share in my happiness.  Love, Mallory