wardrobe Pictures- On the Go!

A few weeks ago I wore this outfit to run errands, go to class, and then go to work.  Working at a daycare means you need to have lots of mobility in your outfits, and no skirts.  Sometimes it means taking your jewelry off too, unless you want it ripped off.

Here are the details:
cardigan- AE supah ancient
necklace- vintage
top- NY & Co.
belt- NY & Co. ancient
pants- H&M 

Thanks to my mom for taking these in the backyard before I had to rush off! Best mom ever.

I have a few more assignments to turn in and 1 exam this week.  Next Monday I start my new job at Amazon's My Habit photo studio.  I must say I am scared straight, but I'm certain I'll love it once acclimated.  I'm also very excited that I won't have to move to another state for this job!  Yay for fun jobs and family/friend/boyfriend time!

Life is good.
♥ Mallory