Plans- Makeovers and Flashbacks

I'm not big into the New Years Resolution thing because I think goals are something you need to make your mind up about and then just go after.  However, there is something about that new beginning that makes me want to refresh certain aspects of life.  I have a hair appointment Saturday, I want to clean out my closet, I want to shop (to replace the donated items, duh!), and I want to design/sketch more!

Before I get too ahead of myself though, here are my 2011 highlights:
I worked for Red Velvet twice and fully loved the experience!  I fully realized that I want to spend every minute of forever with Brian.  My best friends got engaged, my nephew Beckett was born, and my sister Brittany got married!  Then recently I realized I only have 1 more co-op (during which I'll probably be self employed) so I'll not have to move away from family and my beloved Cincinnati again!

Love, Mallory