Tuesday Tunes- Jeremy Larson

I really love music, and I bet you do as well, right?  Because we all love music I decided to start a weekly feature all about it, and I've decided to call it Tuesday Tunes.  To start off my new feature on the best foot possible I'm going to feature a friend, Jeremy Larson.  What do I say about Jeremy... he and Elsie let me live with them for a total of 22 weeks in 2011, he is incredibly encouraging, drinks a ton of Americanos, and is one of the most talented musicians like, ever.  I was lucky enough to witness the rehearsals & show he had at the Gillioz last year.  It was super magical and inspiring (I took the photo below then).

You can check out his cinematic style music here on his site.  You should also buy his Fort Christmas album here, it's only $5!  Although it's his and Elsie's love story, the lyrics have a simple, honest quality that takes me back to the early days of beginning to fall in love with Brian.  I listen to it at least once a week!

Have fun checking out his beautiful music.
Love, Mallory