Lust List 13- Spring Must Haves

 Spring is not quite here yet but I get spring fever around January 1st every year.  I think a big part of the problem is that I LOVE color and winter just seems so color devoid.  Here are some of my must haves for this upcoming spring season and examples of ones I'd love to have!

1. Some cateye sunglasses: Marc By Marc Jacobs Sunglasses
2. A colorful necklace- by Xau Xau
3. High waisted jean shorts- vintage ones from Mama Hawk Finery
4. A simple tank top with nice details- Coral on Me top from ModCloth
5. A toy camera to capture those beautiful spring memories- 35mm Gretchen Bleiler Holga
6. A big bag for all your spring errands- Belar Backpack by Sabrina Tach
7. Versatile sandals- Archer by Dolce Vita

I cannot wait to wear shorts (without tights) again!  Bring it on Spring!
xo, Mallory