Outfit: A Beautiful Mess Locket

Let's talk about Red Velvet for a minute.  Within a few weeks time Rachel and Missy will both be relocating much farther away than Missouri, so this weekend Brian and I are visiting Springfield to wish both of them luck in their new adventures.  I cannot believe it has been so long since I moved home, and my visit feels overdue!  Every time I hear Arcade Fire or Camera Obscura I get all sentimental and miss my Springfield friends and the sewing studio in the back of the shop.  Mostly the bubble tea though ;).  Kidding.  That's all kind of a side-note to this post however.

What this post is about is the A Beautiful Mess Necklace that Elsie sent me for Christmas!  I wear it all the time, so I figured last weekend that I needed to document how much I love it.  Then Brian's sister, Madison, decided that she wanted to document how much she loves it as well!

I totally love that her 2 front, bottom teeth have fallen out.  She even wore the necklace out to dinner that night.  So cute!     Love, Mallory