Tuesday Tunes- Bon Iver

Okay it's Wednesday, but on Tuesday Brian and I were driving a 10 hour drive home, so we're a day late.  On the way to Springfield we turned the latest Bon Iver album, Bon Iver up really loud and just sang at the top of our lungs, drummed on our knees and steering wheel, and just soaked it all in.  Then when he won some Grammy's on Sunday it only seemed too perfect to feature him this week.

 Most of his music is so complex and layered that the first time you hear it you may not love it, but it grows on you and you notice how beautifully complex it is.  I listen to the newest album all the way through, at least once a week.  For me he's one of those musicians that make everything feel as it should... especially when his music is turned all the way up in the car, and you're just soaking it in with your Valentine.

Here are a few more of my favorites on YouTube:

♥ Mallory & Brian