Tuesday Tunes- Mike Mains & the Branches

Mike Mains & the Branches are an indie/pop band based out of Gainesville, TX.  Although I use indie/pop as their genre, they are able to mix in so many other styles.  There are two reasons I love this band, the first is my ability to relate to their Christian influenced lyrics.  They tend to go hand in hand with the ups and downs that happen with anyone's beliefs.  Second is the style of their drummer.  He really knew how to stand out on their 2010 album, Home.  He always knows the style to adopt, and being in a diverse band like Mike Mains & the Branches, being an adaptable musician really pays off.

  Their not a band you can judge after just one song.  Please give Home a listen all the way through before you make a decision on their sound.  Hopefully you'll be able to find as many enjoyable things in it as I do.