Studio Progress

 My mom and I have been painting, organizing, and donating up a storm lately.  We decided to move the old art studio from a spare bedroom into a large unused basement room where it will be next to the sewing room.  Effectively we be combined 3 rooms into one much more organized space.

 We have done a lot of stopping at craft stores, Target, Ikea, and Walmart searching for organizational containers.  We found everything we needed except a good pencil holder.  They were either small, expensive, or a carousel.  I guess we're picky!  So, the other day I picked up this bamboo placemat and black foam core for a total of $6.  I did some measuring, cutting, sanding, and hot gluing to end up with this skinny divided pencil holder.  Yeah!

 We're pretty excited about the progress.  All that's left is a bit more load in, painting an old table, and building our cutting table.  Woo Hoo!

Love Mallory & Darlene too!