Tuesday Tunes- Drive Soundtrack

 Hello friends.  This week I am going to introduce to you one of my favorite movie soundtracks/scores.  I hadn't really ever had as much interest in them in the past, but in the last year or so, I've paid a lot more attention to the music that's going along with the movie.  I think the new fondness comes from the realization that a cohesive score can truly enhance a plot.
One of my current favorites is from the movie Drive. It's got this 80s dance/trance thing going on that just all around fits. Certain points in the movie wouldn't come across as well if it was for this score  going along with it. My personal favorite is the song Nightcall that plays during the opening credits.I think once Nightcall kicks in, your ears tell you "This movie is going to be awesome."  The song, along with with the opening scene, really show you just how intense the movie is going to be.
 Another great song from Drive is "Under Your Spell" which is played during the elevator scene.  The sounds when he realizes this is a bad guy in the elevator with him and the girl... just perfect.  You can almost hear him saying in his head "Oh, I have to do something here."  Then the lyrics "I do nothing but think of you. You keep me under your spell" kick in.  They fit so well, because even though he knows there is a bad guy in there with him, he thinks of her first, and before he does anything to him, he kisses her.  Stop at 1:58 if you don't deal well with violence.

The last song I'm going to share is 'A Real Hero." Probably my second favorite song from this soundtrack. It, more than any, goes best with it's scene. During the 2 and a half minutes, you really can see that he is trying his best to their hero.
I hope you enjoyed this week's selection. I would love to hear some of your favorite soundtracks.