What a Man Wears: Spring Layers

 Here in Greater Cincinnati the weather has been a bit unpredictable for weeks now.  I'm failing at dressing properly because I honestly do not like layers.  For this reason I'm anxiously awaiting summer so I can wear sundresses and tank tops every day.  Brian however, tends to be a master in transitional layering.  He loves fall and spring.  It baffles me.

A few weeks ago he allowed me to capture some of his layering techniques for you all.  I think it was a date night...  that may be wrong though.  Here are his outfit details:
tee- Hanes, of course
shirt & jeans- Old Navy
vest, sunglasses, & shoes- Urban Outfitters
watch- Flud from Urban Outftters, from my parents for Christmas

I love that his style is completely his own.  Even when I told him I didn't like the vest he bought it.  He was completely right; he pulls it off.

:) Mallory